Procedure of connecting tenant units in connected buildings

This procedure refers to tenant units with consumption up to 100 kW/h, the connection of which does not require reconstruction to the building’s connection point.
Energy conditions are given in the procedure of connecting the building housing the tenant unit.

Required documents:
  • Energy permit
A single Application for energy permit is to be submitted.
The application is to enclose the gas installations project, 2 copies (1 copy for the distributor’s archive).
Proof of ownership: A list of residential and office units for which the energy permit is required, with owner information (name, surname, PIN, address).

Issuing of energy permit is charged according to the price list of non-standard services, to be paid in advance.

Following the issuing of the energy permit, the Contract on gas supply needs to be signed and an Application for the connection of tenant unit to the existing distribution system needs to be submitted.

Installation of gas meters and connecting gas

Application for installation of gas meter also includes:
  • Contract on gas supply
  • Record of installed and assumed gas installation from Gradska plinara Zagreb
  • Favourable chimney sweeping finding for the tenant unit being connected

Once the documentation is completed, we will draft the offer for the fitting of the measuring unit and connection of gas.
After the payment is done, we will create a work order, based on which Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o., as the operator of the distribution system, will install the gas meter and connect gas, and will make a record of the connection, giving the owner/investor the status of end user and including them in the buyers register.

Installation of indoor gas fittings is performed by authorised gas machanics.
List of authorised gas mechanics - companies
List of authorised chimney sweeps 
List of authorised mechanical engineers
Payments for the installation of gas meters (measuring point fittings) and connection of gas can be done in the following ways:
  •  HUB3 or HUB3A payment order, internet banking: one-off payment
  •  payment done at other points of the payment system

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