About us

Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o. deals in the regulated energy activities of gas distribution. The company has a 157-year-long tradition, and has kept the standard of high quality maintenance and construction of the gas network. It is a leading gas distribution company in Croatia, and its economic activity is fully in line with the European practice of high standards of quality, protection and safety. The company’s objective is to ensure safe and reliable gas supply for end users, and to maintain their trust in the gas distribution system, as well as their  satisfaction.
The distribution network spans 3,976,480 m and has 294,711 users.

Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o. distributes natural gas to users in the areas of the cities of Zagreb, Zaprešić and Velika Gorcica, and municipalities Brdovec, Pušća, Marija Gorica and Dubravica. It also works in the expansion, safety, reconstruction and construction of the distribution system.

  • Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o.
  • Sales Department business hours for customers: workdays 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Registration number: 080083993
    • Registration number (National Classification of Economic Activities): 3276066
    • PIN: 20985255037
  • prodaja@plinara-zagreb.hr
Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o.
Radnička cesta 1, 10001 Zagreb
Tel: 01/ 6437 777
E-mail: info-gpz@plinara-zagreb.hr