Procedure of disconnecting from boiler room

The boiler room is part of the common premises of a building managed by co-owners via an elected representative and building manager (Act on Ownership and Other Real Rights). Maintenance of the boiler room is a contractual obligation (pursuant to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and Flammable Liquids and Gases Act). The premises have been built on the basis of legal regulations, which stipulate the issuing of valid documents defining the connection to the distribution system.

Any reconstruction of the indoor gas installations (separation from the common boiler room) and installing new appliances/loads in the building or tenant unit, applying for Energy requirements is mandatory. These define the way the installations are to be reconstructed, and are the basis for the project of gas installations, which will be inspected by GPZ d.o.o. and GPZ d.o.o. will then issue the Certificate of compliance of technical documentation with energy requirements. Once this certificate is issued, the application for energy permit needs to be submitted for new measuring units in tenant units, or a revision of the existing energy permit in case the tenant units have a measuring unit for the purpose of cooking.

Following the revision or issuing of energy permits for heating of tenant units, the contracts on gas supply need to be signed, and the representative of the co-owners of the building needs to file for a dissolution of the Contract on gas supply for the common boiler room. The authorised contractor - gas mechanic is obliged to make a report on the works done to reconstruct the installation (collection of reconstructed installation and testing the existing installation), and coordinate their work with Gradska plinara Zagreb in relation to moving from heating provided by the boiler room to central heating.
Required documentation:

1.Energy requirements for the reconstruction of gas instsallations
2. Gas installations project - mechanical engineering
3. Certificate of compliance of technical documentation
4. Energy permit for owner of tenant unit
5. Contract on gas supply (received from the Supplier based on the newly issued or revised energy permit)
6. Record on leak tightness of gas installations
7. Favourable chimney sweeping finding
8. Record on putting the appliance/load into operation (to be submitted after putting into operation by authorised service provider) 

For obtaining the documentation in items 1, 2 and 3, contact your selected authorised engineer.

For the submission of required applications, the consent from the building manager or a decision by the co-owners is a requirement (signed by the co-owners’ representative), allowing the disconnection of the tenant unit from the common heating system, in line with the Act on Thermal Energy Market. The Co-owners' decision is to be submitted, while the co-ownership agreement, which states that it defines the decision-making process, is to be presented.

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